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VinRiera, CEO, Promethean WorldVinRiera, CEO Prometheus, the god of forethought, is considered to be one of the titans in Greek mythology. According to the legends, he stole fire from the gods to assisthumans in reinventing themselves. Today, named after the titan and instilled with a similar progressive will, Promethean World has emerged as a flame-bearer in the education space. As a developer of interactive displays and boards for schools, the company is strong-willed to bring forth the next stage of evolution for the education sector.

Today, when students require new and robust learning platforms, Promethean is bringing the power of interactive learning to the table. The company believes that students are at the heart of their efforts to improve the quality of learning. Powered by state-of-the-art designs and cutting-edge software, Promethean is promoting greater student engagement through their intuitivelesson delivery software and tools.
For Promethean, empowering education is the highest order of contribution toimprovingthe societies we live in. According to the company’s leadership team, technology is not merely about automating the teaching and learning process; it should inspire and motivate students to learn more, and thus, become the drivers of progress.

By encouraging the adoption of immersive learning solutions, Promethean not only seeks to improve the outcome for students but also to promote a progressive society informed by knowledge

Fuelled by this passion, Promethean orchestrates its educational technology solutions to create dynamic environments and tools that empower both the teachers and students. And, by making learning fun and engaging, the company has already earned numerous accolades from its clients.

The ActivPanel Elements Series by Promethean is purposefully designed for the classroom and is crafted from the ground up according to the requirements of educators. The series of interactive displays are based on extensive research and is designed to deliver the innovation and ease-of-use that matters most to the teachers and students. Additionally, it incorporates the security and manageability required by IT professionals and administrators. Besides, the ActivPanel Elements Series gives special attention to ensuring a good user experience. Its ‘Unified Menu’ is easily accessible, allowing students and teachers to move seamlessly between content and resources without disrupting the flow of lessons.

Augmenting the capabilities of the ActivPanel Elements Series are Promethean’s award-winning educational software solutions, ClassFlow and ActivInspire. The software solutions provide a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons. Also, their cloud capabilities offer advanced collaboration and seamless access anytime, at a cost-effective annual subscription.

Most notable among Promethean’s offerings is its professional development program for educators. At the heart of the program is a broad portfolio of experiences and events, all developed and delivered by teachers, and driven by the best practices. The program aims to assist educators in effectively implementing the immersive technologies that will transform their learning environments and bolster student achievement. The program is spearheaded by Promethean’shighly-motivated professional development consultants with a wide variety of certifications and educational leadership expertise.

This dynamic approach of Promethean in promoting student engagementis propelling the company to new heights in the education space. Bolstered by a skilled and experienced workforce, and powered with the latest, cutting-edge technology, Promethean has indeed positioned itself as a ‘titan’ in the educational technology sector. By encouraging the adoption of immersive learning solutions, Promethean not only seeks to improve the outcome for students but also to promote a progressive society informed by knowledge.

- Justin Smith
    May 27, 2020
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Promethean World

Promethean World

Blackburn, UK

VinRiera, CEO

Promethean specialises in the development of interactive displays and boards for education providers. The company delivers free, award-winning teaching software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, designed to make learning fun and engaging, while also bringing ease into lesson preparation and delivery. Fueled by the passion of empowering education, Promethean is leveraging the latest technology to inspire and empower every student. The company aims to reimagine and reinvent educational technology solutions to create dynamic environments, communities, and tools that enable teachers and motivate students to learn