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Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Student engagement initiatives play a crucial role in the overall collegiate experience of a student. However, actually generating this kind of engagement can be challenging within the traditional classroom. Technology solves this issue by allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of topics that interest them, collaborate with each other, and direct their learning.

The introduction of classroom technology into learning environments can assist with student engagement in a number of ways. Gamification helps boost student engagement with the use of game playing elements, game design principles or game features in educational contexts. The idea is to make learning more enjoyable and memorable for students, increasing the chances that they will take an interest and remember the information delivered to them. Digital whiteboards are a form of classroom technology that has helped to bring whiteboard functionality into the modern age. Modern digital white boarding software solutions are able to combine the traditional functions of a whiteboard with computer-style benefits, such as the ability to undo actions, clear the board instantly, or integrate images, videos, and music.

Meanwhile, the rise of machine learning is also helping transform the way student engagement is measured. Engagement can be tracked through multiple different methods, from monitoring attendance and exam performance to monitoring how much time students are active on a computer. This data can be fed into the cloud and using machine learning, conclusions can be drawn about the level of engagement for a class and how it compare to similar classes. Another innovative technology used in student engagement is facial recognition. Using cameras and machine learning, it becomes possible to recognize student’s faces and their expressions to track engagement levels. This can help determine whether somebody looks interested or whether they look distracted and confused.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of student engagement solution providers entering the market with a set of advanced offerings and novel ideas, intent on making their mark in the market. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed student engagement solution providers, Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of 'Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.' The enlisted organizations are poised to disrupt the academic world by bringing new innovations and student engagement experiences. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Student Engagement Solution Companies in Europe

  • Ouriginal provides an automatic text-recognition system made for detecting, preventing, and handling plagiarism. Ouriginal compares a submitted file with several resource materials such as thesis, published articles, and so on, in order to ensure that each document is as authentic as possible.The software offered by the company is language agnostic, capable of comparing content across multiple linguistic standards, thereby providing all-round and accurate results.As institutions shift their focus to improving the quality of learning and protecting the integrity of their content,Ouriginal plays the pivotal role of acting as a guardian of academic authenticity

  • Promethean specialises in the development of interactive displays and boards for education providers. The company delivers free, award-winning teaching software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, designed to make learning fun and engaging, while also bringing ease into lesson preparation and delivery. Fueled by the passion of empowering education, Promethean is leveraging the latest technology to inspire and empower every student. The company aims to reimagine and reinvent educational technology solutions to create dynamic environments, communities, and tools that enable teachers and motivate students to learn

  • CampusGroups


    CampusGroups is packed with features and integrations that help facilitate communication, events management, membership, online payment, budgeting, attendance tracking, surveys/forms, workflows, and more! Adminitrators create and manage content via a powerful and easy-to-use web backend; Students/alumni engage on a dedicated and highly customizable mobile app.In 2020, we are very proud to collaborate with 150+ universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East

  • ClassOwl


    A Learning Management System designed to simplify classroom management and increase student engagement through interactive assignments

  • Gradelink


    The company's Easy-to-use software to help your school save time, improve enrollment and fulfill its mission

  • Instructure


    The company's Canvas Learning Management Platform provides the essential digital foundation for learning, whether students are in face-to-face, blended, or remote environments

  • ScreenBeam


    Helps in improving collaboration in their meeting spaces and classrooms around the globe

  • Texthelp


    Providing a range of technology solutions for teaching and learning across the whole curriculum - helping to minimise teacher workload and maximise student outcomes.The company is creating smart, inclusive technology that helps people read, write, express their thoughts and share information more accurately & fluently – across all stages of life

  • Turning Technologies

    Turning Technologies

    Turning Technologies is the global leader for learning engagement and assessment services. In 2002, we started with a vision to create better learning experiences focused on improving teaching and learner success. Our idea became a reality and today Turning Technologies is in a class of its own with more than 20 million response devices being delivered to K-12 schools, universities, government agencies, military bases and businesses around the world. Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, Turning Technologies maintains international operations in Belfast, United Kingdom

  • Tutor Platform

    Tutor Platform

    Provides an all-in one platform to build quality, measurable and perosnalised learning experience